We believe in smart ideas and branded content

Today more than ever we need to nurture brands with fresh, interesting and significant Brand ideas.

Smart Business Ideas to affect buying and consumption behaviours, to help companies to renew and strengthen their communication and business model strategies.

New paradigms of business, marketing and communication are expressed effectively only with the involvement of technology associated with strategic and creative thinking right from the project generation stage.

At Extra strategic planners work together with creative talents and technology platforms experts right from the beginning to create Smart Business Ideas.

Our Mission

In this era of great changes Extra’s mission is to help company managements to grow, nourish and re-launch those brands deemed to become leading industry names.

Today more than ever companies and brands need branding ideas to orchestrate different platforms and Media Channels and to monitor relevant efficiency and results.

Strategic thinking, Consumer Insight, Relevant Creativity and Technological Platforms combined together make our mission fully viable.

Projects that work

Our Smart Business Ideas generate brand value, involvement and results.