Digital Brand Strategy


Technologies are one of our assets

The Internet Data Centre consists of an infrastructure with over 100 physical servers and more than 500 virtual machines.

We offer many highly technological services and host tailor made web solutions as well as Cloud and Security services.

Motion Capture Studio

The Motion Capture Studio at the Extra’s Milano headquarter is the most advanced in operation facility in Italy. Thanks to its 32 cameras it is dedicated to the three-dimensional rendering of characters designed with Computer Graphics and addressed to the world of special effects for Cinema, TV, Videogames, Web & Mobile.

Virtual Set

The Virtual Set is another important asset at Extra.
With 4 computerised cameras the television studio allows to integrate people with Computer Graphics generated environments and objects in real time and without interruption.


This technology has been employed to shoot Magnifica Italia, an extraordinary experience of television production, a valuable footage archive covering the whole Italian territory seen from the sky.
Shot in High Definition Magnifica italia is characterized by aerials with perfect image stability. 


Extra has been one of the first companies to use this innovative technology.

We have the specific know how to obtain best results already during the aerial shooting with no need of retouching the images further in post-production.


The R&D Team generates fully innovative and customised solutions that are subsequently developed by art directors, developers, programmers, directors, producers, authors, cameramen, editors, 2D & 3D graphic designers and our studio technical staff.