Boscolo Hotels China

Web & ecommerce & Content strategy

The opportunity

Boscolo Hotels has been working in the hotel industry for more than thirty years and it is present in the most important Italian and European art heritage cities as well as business centers.

Luxury premises, prestigious facilities and exclusive services offered by Boscolo Hotels are perfect for the growing and increasingly demanding Chinese clientele.

The solution

Extra redefines the Boscolo Hotels in China web presence creating a new portal dedicated to the premises promotion and to the e-booking service, with special attention both to the technical development of the pages and to the mobile user experience, distinctive of the Chinese market.

All contents have been expressly created and designed to attract Chinese users, with a structure and a proper language to be understood by an audience with different habits and cultures.

The identified content strategy is to propose and sell travel destinations as products, this to support the accommodations offered by Boscolo Hotels.

Through the magic of cities and places, the glamour and luxury of Boscolo Hotels commercial offer is conveyed.

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