Gewiss - Spazio Chorus

Digital Experience & Interface Design

The opportunity

Spazio Chorus in Fiera Milano is the domotic home by GEWISS, a leading international company in the electrical engineering sector. Here visitors can experience the many possibilities offered by a home automation system, the products and the brand through a full sensory digital experience.

The solution

In 2015 Extra designed and developed the Digital Experience for Spazio Chorus by Gewiss, developing technology and user interfaces and producing at the same time the most suitable contents for the interactive devices: from the touch screen Vidiwall to the interactive columns, from digital catalogs to Holocube, for which Extra realized advanced video contents in 3D Computer Graphics.

Once again for Spazio Chorus, Extra even developed the required technologies to support a social engagement initiative: a Social Wall reproduced on a 3x2 meters Vidiwall, displaying real-time pictures, videos and feedback posted on Gewiss social media.

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