Content Factory - Digital Strategy

The opportunity

Rovagnati, a leading company in the food processing business, wishes to communicate with its customers with a brand new stimulating digital strategy to enhance the Brand's user experience.

The company’s ultimate goal is to attract and engage new consumers, to improve both the image quality and the brand reputation and to gradually increase sales shares in the new strategic wellbeing and healthy eating sectors.

The solution

Hence the creation of a Content Factory where digital writers, bloggers, chefs and nutritionists employ innovative information, dialogue and engagement strategies.

A true Creative Talent Hub.

The digital strategy architecture sees Extra engaged in the creation of the Rovagnati corporate website and product identity as well as the Mondosnello website and the web magazine Mangiarebuono, each with its own specific content and tone.

The social community management is key to the product and brand values strategy, where consumers and web influencers are engaged with contests and other activities.

The result

Fresh new branded content to feed the website, a considerable development of the social community (with over 200.000 followers), an increasing interaction between the consumer and the company and a thriving relationship with the healthy eating influencers.

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