Digital - Network Media System

The opportunity

Sisal counts on a network of 30.000 points of sale with a wealth of games and services on offer.
The ubiquity of its outlets is a unique opportunity to enhance the brand communication strategy, intercept new consumers and stimulate impulse buying.

The solution

Extra creates and develops the Sisal Media System, a multimedia platform consisting of 12.500 in-store TVs and 18.000 Customer Displays for Digital Signage airing an average of 250 different programmes per day.

The Sisal Media System content created by Extra is updated in real time and distributed within customized programming schedules according to the chosen communication channel with the added option of territorial segmentation.
A true Interactive Geomarketing process project to boost communication right where the purchase takes place.

Extra has been managing the system since 2006.

The result

This activity is measurable and it has been estimated that it generates a 30% sales increase at POS equipped with displays.

Over time the Sisal Media System has proved an essential tool to enhance the communication for games and payment services. The extremely flexible and efficient system has also been used successfully to introduce new products and business areas.

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